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Well, farmersí market season is over for another year. Sounds like Iím a seasoned hand by now, and I feel like it, even though Stahlís has only participated in one season (so far). Four markets in a week helps that Ďlong-time veteraní feeling along though. As autumn shakes summer away, and winter closes in, itís fun to look back at pictures and remember how great the last few months have been. Itís an interesting trick of photography that lets you remember the smiles without the sweat Ė there were some pretty hot & humid days this  summer, plus the physical work of loading tent, tables, food, signage, etc. four times per day; into the truck, out at the farmersí market, back into the truck at closing, and back out into the bakery! Thanks to so many new customers, taking things back was much easier - the baked goods were gone. Also giant thanks to family & friends who pitched in with everything from getting equipment and supplies, booth delivery & setup, storesitting, to keeping me company at the markets. They made it possible to have two Ďstorefrontsí going at the same time; Margaret, Fred, Patty, Doug, Hannah, Maddie, Ben, Charles, Michelle, Lindsey, Richelle, and Becky. Donít make any plans for next summer, guys; youíve been pre-approved.

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Stahlís Bakery Blog! Hopefully weíll be updating fairly regularly. Another thing Iím looking forward to with this medium is inviting friends of the bakery, investors, and employees to contribute their opinions and points of view; after all, donít we all have something to say?


For now, though, I just wanted to send out a giant public ďThank You!!Ē to Brandon Tidd & Shane Kardos. Brandon was our first webmaster, and many of his contributions have been dovetailed into this new website.  Brandon has since graduated KSU and is now winning awards in his radio career over at Akronís WKDD. Shane Kardos, co-owner of Logos Bookstore in Kent (and our current webmaster), has set up this new web incarnation, and is graciously sharing space on the Logos server.

Don't forget to sign up for the Stahl's 411, our e-newsletter.  Bakery news, baking trivia, and occasional coupons right in your inbox.

In the meantime, if you want to know whatís going on in the bakery, but the blog hasnít been updatedÖ..stop on by.  The foodís much better in person than online!

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