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You! Yes, you! You know who you are... a few months ago you stood in Stahl's complaining about the weather; too cold, too much snow, you could hardly wait until summer when it would warm up, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well we've had over 90* for five days in a row, and it's all your fault!!! Sorry, but it's easy to get cranky in the heat when you work next to an OVEN! Phew! Rant done - good to get that over.

The worst of the hot weather looks like it's over, also, and just in time for this Saturday's Haymaker Farmers' Market.In fact, it looks like the weather's going to be just perfect for this musical guests Brad Bolton & Peggy Coyle. What does weather have to do with their music? Well, where most musicians stick to one spot, Brad and Peggy wander the market, bringing their lively swing guitar and fun vocals to us! So go about your shopping, and they'll catch up.

Speaking of shopping, what will Stahl's be bringing to celebrate the weekend cool down? In addition to our traditional & frosted cookies, we're bringing Egg Bread and Cheddar~Onion Bread. Sorry, Italian Bread lovers you'll have to wait a week for your fix. Oh, stop whining, it's just one week! We'll also bring Pancake Mix, made with Kent's own Star of the West pastry flour, Pizzelles, Cherry-Cheese Tea Rings, Cream Cheese Bear Claws, and new-this-year faves, Fruit Snails, Sticky Buns, and Cinnamon Rolls. Did you know our Sticky Buns and Cinnamon Rolls are made with two kinds of cinnamon? Korintje for it's liveliness and Vietnamese for it's rich and complex overtones. Yum!




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