Hi, Mom!
Subject: Hi, Mom!
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Yep, it's time to commemorate your mother's love for you. Yeah, yeah, you've given her so many things over the years. Let's recap: nine months of nausea & back pain, 47 hours of labor, a bunch of stretch marks, hundreds of stinky diapers, weird things to clean up.. until you hit grade school and her present was always whatever project your teacher though her zoo animals students could handle. A few years later, you thought the cleverest way to get what you wanted was to give her something she'd share; that not-quite-housebroken puppy, a baseball glove, a year's subscription to Mad Magazine. Thought you pretty clever, didn't you? But she saw through that little scheme - must have been the eyes in the back of her head. Then, you got to puberty. Seriously, you don't want a reminder of your contributions to mom during those surly golden years, do you? Didn't think so. You're a little older now, possibly wiser, hopefully more appreciative. And let's face it, even you aren't interested in Mad Magazine anymore.

So now what? A nice card, to start with. Then maybe dinner out. Should you get her a little geegaw for her shelf? Maybe. But keep in mind she'll have to dust the silly thing, and that's kind of a throwback to the days of picking up after you. Your choice. But wouldn't it be nice to give her something that she can enjoy now, she won't have to dust, and shows her you think she's sweet? By now you're probably thinking “cake.” So are we. We'll be open Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm and even if you haven't ordered, we'll have some cake ready for your Mother's Day celebration. And you know how mom always says, "Now don't go making a big fancy deal about this?"  We can help you make a medium fancy deal with this $20 cake:

Believe it or not, the top layer is 6" across and the bottom is 8" for a lovely way to stay within reason and budget.  You know she deserves it!

If the troops aren't gathering, we also have some petit fours decorated with sweet spring flowers for a treat she needn't share!

Almond pound cake covered with almond glaze. Delicious!

Don't forget, voting for the Fox8 Hotlist closes today.  Vote for us! Vote for us! This link will take you right there:  http://fox8.cityvoter.com/stahl-s-bakery/biz/72779



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