Spring has sprung...
Subject: Spring has sprung...
Send date: 2010-04-15 17:44:53
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Spring has sprung,

The grass is riz...

I wonder where my baseball is?

No, wait, we quoted that poem last year. Time for something new? Meh. It is spring again, after all, and despite the Indian's performance (groan), we've started making the annual spring-through-summer baseball cookies! Not a fan of the sport, but still a fan of our cookies? We're also making tulip cookies in the same 3”+ size, squirrels are back from hibernation, and we're making the large umbrella cookies which have had a couple of years off – April showers, after all. Time for another groan? Go ahead, we'll wait.

It's going to be a busy week here at Stahl's, starting with Friday & Saturday – Italian Bread. Call to reserve a loaf or two: (330) 673-9244.

Have you wondered what soups we've been making since March? None. Seriously! April and October are always play-it-by-ear-maybe-we-will-and-maybe-we-won't soup months. Mostly it depends on the weather, which these last few weeks has been pretty warm for the season. But for you die-hard slurpers out there, we will have one last hot soup blast next week. Curried Pumpkin, naturally. It might still be to warm for hot soup, but some of you need closure. We understand.

For those of you who keep wondering “When will Stahl's have variety bread every week again?” The answer is, when Haymaker Farmers' Market starts back up. The answer to the obvious next question is: “May 29.” That's when the 2010 season starts. We're gearing up already, and so is the market as a whole: we've had our spring meeting, and market manager Fritz has already started lining up musicians for each week. There are a few weeks blank, so if you know a good musician who'd like to play a fun venue, check out http://haymakermarket.com

So what about Earth Day? Well, it's always April 22 (Eco-fan Eddie Albert's birthday!), and for the last nine years, Stahl's has had our annual “Earth Day Free Coffee Giveaway” for anyone who brought in their own mug. In 2007, Jeff Ingram of Standing Rock Cultural Arts started the “Who's Your Mama?” Earth Week celebration and asked if Stahl's would extend our giveaway. Talk about a no brainer. So bring your own mug from April 19 -24 and get a FREE organic coffee. We're featuring Organic Honduran Arcala – tell us what you think. Check out the other activities at www.whosyourmama.org

By the way, if you think every day is Earth Day, so do we! Bring in your own mug the rest of the year and we'll give you a discount on coffee. And remember, most of our yummies are made with Star of the West flour, which is milled on Water St. in downtown Kent. SotW uses Ohio grown grain for it's milling, so anytime you buy our cookies, cupcakes, muffins, cakes, pies, or sweet dough products (nutrolls, coffee cakes, cheese claws, etc), you're supporting two local businesses, Ohio farms, and the idea that locally sourced ingredients are better for our economy and environment. Go Locavores!

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