Prepare to be assimilated...
Subject: Prepare to be assimilated...
Send date: 2010-03-24 03:00:42
Issue #: 53


Stahls E- News
1 the Borg would say.

(Sorry, sometimes Star Trek references just slip out)

Yep, Stahl's has given in to the inevitability which is facebook - we've joined the cult of the little f. There are disadvantages, of course. Not enough time to update it constantly, for instance. Please bear with us on that one. But there are definite advantages, also. Immediacy, for instance. Many of our customers check facebook more often than their e-mail accounts, so for on-the-go news, this is a good fit.

For instance, this week's soup is French Onion with Swiss cheese all melting and gooey on top of an over sized croûton made of our Italian Bread.

We're serving French Onion Soup through the week, but we're also making a batch of Italian Bread on Wed. It should be out of the oven by noon. But there are quite a few of our loyal e-mail readers who won't notice a new posting in their in boxes for at least another day, and by that time, the bread will have cooled off. If you're one of those, and just happen to be reading this on, say, Friday, never fear, we'll have put a few loaves in the freezer for your convenience. Still, there's nothing like warm bread to take home and surprise the family. And nothing like the rustic sweetness of French Onion Soup to help get you over hump day!



Sneak peak for next week: Vegetarian Cream of Potato Soup, + lots of traditional Easter goodies; Russian Easter Bread, Nut roll, Petit Fours...



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