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Sometimes you just don't feel like hearty, robust soup. Like when the temperature hovers around the freezing point, but the precipitation just won't stop. Cold, damp, and pretty miserable, and all you want is something hot, creamy, and comforting. Maybe even a tad delicate, flavor-wise. If that weather description sounds like this week's, then so does the soup description. This week we feature Cream of Mushroom soup with a molasses-oatmeal roll for $3.75. If your idea of mushroom soup is a concentrated mass of paste that plops out of a can with no flavor and a ton of salt, well, this is not that. If that's what you want in a soup, better go somewhere else this week. We start ours by sautéing onions & mushrooms in butter, then create a roux, then add the tasty soup thingies. Not to be secretive, but an ingredient list is pretty boring, so if you really want to know, just ask, “What are tasty soup thingies?”when you come in.


In other bakery news this week, hamantashen, or homentaschen, or any other way you'd prefer to spell it (there are about 5 different correct spellings) makes its semi-annual appearance this week and next. Semi-annual because for some reason, Purim wasn't on last year's bakery calendar. This year we got a better calendar. And found out that Purim starts at sunset on Saturday and runs through Monday.

What are hamantashen? They're a traditional celebration pastry associated with Purim.  Think of a cross between a cookie and a pastry, cut into a circle. Filling is generously dolloped in the center, then the edges of the dough are brought up and sealed into a tri-corner shape. We're using Apricot, Raspberry, and Lekvar fillings. If you wondered what kind of name Hamentashen is, it's yiddish for “Haman's pockets,” although some people prefer to think of them as “Haman's ears,” or “Haman's hat.”  For a villain, he had some delicious ears!  Come in and try them for yourself!



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