Love Apple Soup
Subject: Love Apple Soup
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Love Apple Soup, Anyone?


Poor tomato. When Europeans encountered it, they weren't sure what to make of it. Was it poisonous? An aphrodisiac? Something werewolves might eat? (long story – tell ya later) It's been named and re-named “tomatl,” “wolf peach”, “love apple”, and “Moor's apple”. In fact the latter might be how the name “love apple” started, since the Italian “pomi dei Mori,” apple of the Moors, sounds an awful lot like the French “pomme d'amour,” apple of love. That's one theory, anyway.  

Even today it has problems finding it's own niche...legally it's a vegetable, scientifically it's a fruit (specifically a berry), and in common usage, it's often a condiment like ketchup or salsa, or even an afterthought; a slice on a burger, for instance.

But here at Stahl's we know exactly what to make of it: Chunky Tomato Bisque (with herbed roll).

Why this soup this week? Because Sunday is Valentine's Day! With tomato's fun history, we're grabbing the 'love apple' idea and running with it. Besides, the alternative soup was Roasted Garlic, and that's maybe not such a great lead-in to the big romantic weekend.

Of course soup isn't our only special this week any more than romance is the only kind of love. Frosted Heart Cookies, Cupcakes, Raspberry Truffles, and Heart Cakes are a good way to treat your loved ones whether they're of the romantic, family, or friend variety. Can't make it to the store by Saturday a.m.? That's alright, we'll be shifting focus (and goodies) downtown to the annual “Make Mine With Ice, Please” ice carving event. Held in the Home Savings Plaza on the corner of Water and Main Sts., it runs from 1-4. What a fun way to shake off the winter cobwebs and cabin fever. Bring someone you love!


Sneak peek at next week: We'll still make Tomato Bisque on Monday, the soup for the rest of the week will be Beef Barley.


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