It's the first week of Spring...
Subject: It's the first week of Spring...
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….Semester at KSU. The clues? More cars on the road, more liveliness in the air, and a big honkin' line out Wordsmiths' door and down onto the sidewalk when returning students mobbed our local independent copy store for their course packets! Seriously? It's a great place for non-students & businesses to have copies made, too. But you might want to wait until the the line clears.

Now that holiday season is over and everyone's back from vacation, it's time to buckle down and make a good start to the new year. Oohs, did that sound like anyone else's 4th-grade teacher? That doesn't just mean working hard, it also includes taking care of yourself. Immunization (if you choose), hand-washing, proper sleep, and Chicken Noodle Soup. Does CNS really cure or keep colds away? Scientists continue to debate, but you can have a tasty lunch from Stahl's and become your own guinea pig. This week's soup is Chicken Noodle; 16 oz (that's a pound!) bowl plus a mini cheese-encrusted herb focaccia for $4.25. Stop by during lunch break for hot soup, or swing by earlier for cold soup to "white bag" it and save yourself an extra trip; just microwave it at work. If you're still holding firm to a “no sweets” resolution, you can stop there.

Otherwise, the new frosted cookie crop is in. Snowmen, snowflakes, and giant red mittens have replaced holly, trees, and bells. Need your fix, but you're cutting down on the expenses? You can always 'art' for a cookie. Naturally, the hand turkeys exited with Thanksgiving, so now we're offering a giant mitten cookie in exchange for a mitten drawing for our wall. Trace your hand, then decorate! We'll supply the crayons, paper, and cookie, you supply the hand and creativity.

Sneak peek for next week;  French Onion Soup


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