Let it S....
Subject: Let it S....
Send date: 2010-01-07 01:53:24
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...oup, let it soup, let it soup!


What? You were expecting that other "s" word? What's to expect...every day this week we've had that other "s" word! So now's a good time to expand your every day vocabulary. Try this word: "Soup." Hear how nice that sounds? How comfortable? How warm and homey? Mmmmmm. Soup. And when you put some of our soup into your mouth, you'll see that it counteracts that other s, plus it's friends "cold" and "freezing rain."  Well, maybe it doesn't quite counteract, but it sure does make it easier to face the weather the rest of the day!

This week we're featuring Beef Vegetable Soup with a Honey Whole Wheat roll for $4.25. And if you don't want to spend your lunch break battling the elements and losing your parking space, we'll be happy to help you brown white bag it by sending you off in the morning with a cold bowl of soup -- to be microwaved later. Round out the meal with a Braeburn apple and some cookies or even a cupcake.

Sneak peek for next week...Tomato Bisque with a mini herb focaccia.







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