We're still thankful
Subject: We're still thankful
Send date: 2009-11-27 21:09:11
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… for all of our terrific customers!


Did you get enough turkey? Enough side dishes? Enough leftovers?

If you do have leftover turkey, then boy, do we have the bread for you! Stuffing Bread. As you might have guessed, it's stuffed with stuffing herbs like sage and thyme, and when we make it into sandwich loaves, it's the perfect post-Thanksgiving bread for leftover turkey sandwiches. And if you plan a turkey do-over....like say Uncle Nunzio polished off the last of the white meat before the Lions game was over (you know how he eats)...this is the bread to use for stuffing. Just cube it and use it with your favorite recipe.

Althoug we're transitioning the store's decorations from Thanksgiving to Christmas, it's still November until Monday, so we'll still keep the “Make a turkey, Get a turkey” show open. If you haven't come in and made a hand turkey for our wall yet, now's the time. If you remember last week's octo-challenge, yes, we have a new winner! Our current high age on the turkey wall is 86! Pretty cool, huh? It's right above our youngest 'turkey,' who's 3 ½. C'mon, when you're 3, that's an important half!

This weekend's Customer Appreciation specials are: free breakfast and coffee, or free dessert and coffee or milk, or a loaf of Stuffing Bread for .60.

If you're wondering about this week's soup, here's the head's up: Mulligatawny. This is an interesting mix of East Indian-inspired mildly spicy (not hot spicy) chicken soup. Think cloves and cinnamon rather than chili powder. If the name sounds familiar, you might have seen the Seinfeld episode “Soup Nazi,” where Kramer and Elaine went gaga over the Mulligatawny. We'll be giving free samples, so you can go gaga, too! (and then buy a full 16-oz bowl). Hint: that bit of sweet crunch is not water chestnut, but Braeburn apple.  Intriquing, yes? 

A reminder: The Kent Area Toy Drive is going on for one more week, so don't delay.  Need an incentive beyond feeling good?  We'll be giving away a free frosted cookie with each tnew, unwrapped toy you bring in.  Sweet!

Now for the coupon:


Customer Appreciation Coupon

for November 28, 2009 only through November 30

This coupon entitles you to

1 free muffin of your choice plus coffe


1 free frosted cookie with coffee or milk


1 loaf Stuffing Bread for .60



Uh-oh.  Due to a computer problem, this e-mail didn't go out in a timely manner.  So the coupon will be good through Monday, November 30. 


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