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This is the first Saturday since the end of May that Stahl's won't be out and about at a market or festival. Whew! In case anyone wonders, yes, it is a lot of work. Of course seeing your smiling faces makes it all worthwhile. Well, o.k., that and selling the stock. But just because we're not splitting our time between two locations doesn't mean we're slacking. Oh, no! Because we've had such a banner year, we've decided that November will be Customer Appreciation Month. Each weekend we'll be running a special to thank you, our customers for 2009. What made 2009 such a good year? For starters, it's a big birthday for Stahl's – 60! That's right, Bob & Shirley Stahl founded the bakery back in 1949. We could throw out all sorts of stats about the rarity of independent retail businesses lasting this long, but there are equally impressive stats in Kent and across the country of businesses which are even older. Quite a few of them are bakeries! What keeps a business going through good times and bad? Customers. That's it. Loyal customers can keep any business afloat, so never underestimate your importance. Those small weekly purchases add up for us even more than one large yearly one, and we appreciate your patronage! (please don't stop – we'd like to stay open another 60).


Of course that's not the only reason 2009 has been memorable. Early in February, Stahl's was asked to help with a Food TV video shoot at Kent's Land 'o Lakes facility by bringing bread, rolls, muffins, and props. Thefocus was on LoL's butter so our name wasn't in the credits, but you'll know it's Stahl's bread every time you watch the “Toast” episode on Unwrapped. Observant eyes will also notice some of our farmers' market display in the background.


Next, and this is especially cool, you voted us one of the Top 5 bakeries in the Akron-Canton area in Fox8's recent Hotlist poll. If a bakery had an ego, Stahls' would be pretty puffed up!

Instead, though we're going to show our appreciation. Why November? It's the month of Thanksgiving, of course! You might not have noticed, but we started appreciating you last weekend by taking down the screen door. That simple action guaranteed the beautiful sunny weather we've had this last week. Right? You're welcome. Of course it can't last forever, so this Saturday we're appreciating you with what we're best at: food!  Bring the following coupon in on Saturday, Nov. 14 and receive either a free Pepperoni Roll, a free Pumpkin~Walnut Muffin/Cup of Coffee Combo, or a loaf of Italian Bread for only .60 (60th anniversary, get it?)



Customer Appreciation Coupon

Good on November 12, 2009


1 Pepperoni Roll

1 Pumpkin~Walnut Muffin + Cup of Coffee


1 Loaf of Italian Bread for $.60



While you're here, be sure to pick up this month's Soup Schedule card.  Hint: Chicken Noodle with Herb Roll right now.  $4.25

And don't forget to order your Pumpkin (and other) Pies and Cakes for Thanksgiving!  Naturally we will have some in the cases on Wed., Nov. 25 for last minute pick up, but the safest course is always to pre-order.

See you Saturday.  And don't forget:  come hungry!



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