"The in her death throes, summer...
Subject: "The in her death throes, summer...
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... cried out rye-ly for some bread."

Oh, c'mon!  You call that an opening line?  Gag.

Ahem.  Let's try this again.  Since summer is fading into the chill of October, and no Indian Summer yet in sight, Stahl's is taking the logical step of bringing more hearty breads and rich breads to the farmers' markets.  This week we'll be bringing Rye Bread, which has had the warm months off, and Cracked Wheat Bread, which has become pretty high in demand!  We've been asked to post a bread schedule for the rest of the farmers' market.  That isn't complete, but here's a sneak preview for next week - Honey Flax Bread and Cinnamon Raisin.  At some point over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing Finnish Nisu, Apricot Cinnamon Honey Bread, Challah, and Dark Lager Sourdough.  That last one?  Talk about hearty!  And ohh, so good.

Of course there's more to Stahl's than bread.  Since this weekend promises to be on the chilly side, we'll bring along some Hot Chocolate and Coffee to warm you up.  Also something that can stand the cool better than the last few months' warmth - Chocolate Mocha Torte.  Oh boy!  This is worth inviting some friends over! Or carving out some space in the 'fridge so you can eat it all yourself, nibble by nibble.  Made-from-scratch chocolate cake is sliced into four layers, each separated by coffee frosting.  Mmmmm!  Hallowe'en cookies are here, too; Jack o' lanterns, witches, and ghosts join the black squirrelsacorns and fall leaves.  As for traditional cookies, this is a great time of year to get acquainted with our Soft Gingersnaps.  We're still using Mr. Stahl's original recipe - some things really do stand the test of time!

If you're interested in something less sweet; we will bring more individual focaccia, continuing to show off some of our local farmers' goodies:  Rosemary from Black Dog Acres, Red Onions from Bella Terra Farm, and Tomatoes from May's Farm.

As for the Farmers' Markets:  Haymaker in Kent goes until the last Saturday in October, rain or shine, snow or sleet (Ugh!).  The Cuyahoga Falls market is deciding week to week whether to carry on.  This week the answer is "Yes."   So come on out to the Farmers' Markets while you still can!



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