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Last January, Food TV did a video shoot at the local Land O' Lakes plant for an upcoming "Unwrapped" episode. Stahl's was there! We were asked to bring muffins, cookies, rolls and several different types of bread, plus be the 'designer' of the background setting. Originally, neither Land O' Lakes nor Stahl's knew what Food TV was going to focus on, so "bring everything!" was the command. As it turned out, they were doing an episode on "Toast" and Land O' Lakes, being butter extrodinaire....well, you know. Turns out the cookies and muffins were superfluous, but our Italian Bread took center stage in a supporting role. Naturally, out of five hours of filming, most is going to end up on the cutting room floor, so only watching the episode will show any of us (including LOL & Stahl's) what was kept.

Now patience may be a virtue, but it isn't one of this baker's. Checking the TV listings week after week got pretty boring, even if it would lead to Stahl's 5 minutes of (anonymous) fame. So I completely missed the first showing a few weeks ago. Not to fear, though, because it will be re-run this week. So if you have an interest in Land O' Lakes, Stahl's Bakery, local Kent business, or even just toast, tune in on Wed. Sept 30 at 11:30 pm or Thurs., Oct 1 at 2:30 am for Unwrapped's "Toast" episode. Any food you see in the Land O' Lakes segment is ours! And if you happen to see a piece of toast being buttered through time-lapse photography, that's our Italian!

Speaking of which, we'll bring some Italian Bread to this weekend's Farmers' Markets so you can try what you've seen. We'll be at the Cuyahoga Falls market on Friday from 3-7, and the Haymaker on Saturday from 9-1. By the weekend, it will be....October! So also on hand will be Jack 'o lantern cookies in addition to Fall Leaves and Monarch Butterflies. If the weather stays this chilly, Gingerbread will probably return, along with Hot Chocolate to warm your hands and your stomach as you walk the market.


See you Friday & Saturday!



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