Potayto, Potahto
Subject: Potayto, Potahto
Send date: 2009-09-25 05:25:17
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Well, however you pronounce spud, the spelling's the same (no "e").*

And we'll be featuring Potato Bread at the Haymaker Farmers' Market this Saturday. We'll also have Italian Bread and Honey Whole Wheat. If a whole loaf doesn't appeal to you, try an Individual Focaccia; we'll be bringing Tomato/Onion. In Stahl's tradition (whenever possible), the toppings will be from local farms - it's a great way to sample before going down the row and buying red onions from Bella Terra Farm.

Of course we'll also have some standards: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar-Nutmeg, Soft Gingersnap, and Oatmeal Raisin. Bagged in 3-packs, ready to munch as you stroll, or save to toss into this week's lunch bags. We still have baseball and black squirrel cookies, and our pink and blue butterflies have turned into orange monarchs, but as the season changes, so do the watermelons - we now have Fall Leaf & Acorn packs. Don't mourn the watermelons, though; the market farmers are still bringing the real thing!

Speaking of season changing, the weather Saturday looks a bit chillier and possibly drizzly. The market goes on! After all, people have to eat. Lisa and Heather Malyuk will be on hand to brighten up the day, though! Once you hear their lively hammered dulicmer, guitar and fiddle tunes, you'll be plenty warm....cause you'll be dancing along. Be sure to pick up a CD to warm yourself whenever you can't hear them live.

News around Kent....Logos Bookstore is celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year - this weekend specifically. Stop on by, wish them "Happy Birthday," and get some cake! This is also parents' weekend at KSU, so you might be seeing some extra faces in town. Be nice, and set a good example. It's scary to send your kid out on his own for the first time.


See you Saturday!

*According to Wikipedia.org, "Potatoe" was considered a correct alternative spelling until the 20th century. Dan Quayle was just a bit behind the times. Go figure.





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