They're Baaaack!
Subject: They're Baaaack!
Send date: 2009-08-28 16:47:20
Issue #: 31


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Sunflower Seed Bread


Iced Coffee

Raspberry Iced Tea


Oh wait, you thought we meant the students? They're almost back. If you've been around Kent this week, you might have noticed a pack of kids (and some parents) riding the trolley between campus and downtown. Don't be alarmed at the small numbers: those were the Freshman (and some parents), moving into their dorms and learning to navigate before the upperclassmen make them nervous.


You might be able to mingle with a few and say “Hi!” tonight. In fact, this weekend is going to be a great way for families to re-connect now that K-12 has also started. The new store Off the Wagon is sponsoring a Yo-Yo master to demonstrate at the Home Savings Plaza from 3:30 -5 Friday. A few hours later, D.I.C.E. (Downtown Innovative Community Events) is showing this month's sidewalk cinema: “O Brother Where Art Thou?” Don't worry, you won't be chained to the park the whole time: many downtown businesses are staying open, not to mention restaurants. Make a night of it and explore downtown with your family!


Of course Friday night doesn't constitute the entire weekend; there's still Saturday. Take the opportunity to load your kids' (and your own) bag lunches with great things from the market, and from Stahl's Bakery.This Saturday at the the Haymaker Farmers' Market, Stahl's will be bringing back some favorites: Sunflower Seed Bread, packed with toasted sunflower seeds, cracked wheat, and honey. Tasty and good for you!


Also returning are Tortelettes, those indulgences consisting of a layer of white cake, a layer of raspberry frosting, a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of raspberry frosting, and another layer of white cake. All covered with buttercream icing and sided with chocolate sprinkles.


To drink, we'll be bringing Iced Raspberry Tea and Iced Coffee. Iced Coffee aficionados will recall that we make ours with a cold brew method to keep the caffeine and flavor, but eliminate much of the acid. We also use "black ice;" ice cubes made of coffee. You know, so the ice doesn't dilute the yummy coffeliciousness.


Something else that's perfect now that school's open? Stahl's cookies! Made with flour from Star of the West Mill, we bag them in a 3-pack, ready to just toss into lunches.

And don't be surprised if there are a few - surprises, that is. Some sort of focaccia, for instance...

By the way, did you notice the new benches at the market?  They're a great place to rest, listen to music, and snack on some Stahl's treats. (o.k., o.k., you could also snack on some fruits and vegetables).  Speaking of music, this week we'll be having Caribbean steel drum music by Wilbur Krebs.  One of this baker's favorite ways to perk up after a long night of baking. 


See you Saturday, mon!



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