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or, "You like us!  You really like us!"


It's been a great couple of weeks for Stahl's Bakery.  First we were on columnist Ann Kardos' virtual tour of Kent:


If you aren't familiar with this series, it's sure worth checking out. Over the last few months Mrs. K. has been guiding readers through all the great retail places in Kent. Check out the "Around Kent" columns on line if you've missed the hard copy; you'll be surprised how much there is right here!

And....(drumroll, please)..... We made it!  Stahl's was voted one of the top 5 bakeries in the Akron-Canton area.  Wow!  Thank you everyone who voted for us!  Some reward is in order, obviously.  Do you have a suggestion?  Send us a line at info@kentbakery.com

Just think about it; the tiniest bakery in small Kent, and we made the top five in the region.  Makes us want to feed everyone for free.  Almost.  Hah! Gotcha!  But here's a fun little tidbit:  we weren't the only winners from Kent.  Our little town placed 13 top fives in the contest, plus two division winners.  Here's the list in no particular order: 

Kent Stage,Evolution Skate Shop,Henry Wahner's Rest., Logos Bookstore, Professor's Pub, Evergreen Buffet, Mike's Place Rest., Tavern at Twin Lakes, Dubois Books, City Bank Antiques, Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar, Stahl's Bakery (that's us!  Woohoo!),Mugzee's Wings & More.  The two businesses which won their entire divisions are: Ray's Place and Woodsy's Music. 

Sadly, being one of the favorites in a highly competitive division like "best wings" is no guarantee a business will survive & thrive.  Mugzee's is nowhere to be found.  A warning any small town (yes, this one, too) should heed,  which dovetails with one of Ann Kardos'  observations, is that if everyone in town spent just $10 per month in a local retail establishment, it would pour about $270,000 into the local economy.  At just $20, we'd add a little more than half a million. PER MONTH!  That's not hard at all, but if we don't do that now, how many of these businesses will we have next year?

A more positive observation is that of all those 15 faves, not a single one is a national chain.  Pretty cool!

And are you ready for this?  Summer must be here, because the Haymaker Farmers' Market starts Saturday, May 30. We'll be there with bells on.  O.k., not bells, but certainly clothes.  Aren't you relieved?  Better still, we'll be bringing Italian Bread, Oatmeal-Molasses Bread, Pepperoni Rolls, cookies, Petit Fours, and Tortelettes.  And don't forget to come hungry, because we'll also be bringing muffins and hot coffee for your wandering breakfast.  By the way, don't look for the Stahl's red truck.  Red truck is no more. *sniff*   Don't worry, our sign is the same, and the delicious smells will lure you in the right direction.   See you Saturday!



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