Merry Hippie Christmas!
Subject: Merry Hippie Christmas!
Send date: 2009-05-15 12:22:32
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Thanks!  And the same to you....wait. What?!?


According to, Hippie Christmas is "The day following move-out day, in areas where most leases expire simultaneously, during which the curb is a treasure trove of discarded items." Sounds a lot like end-of-year in a college town, doesn't it? Well, this is it, the last day of finals at KSU. Since finals have been staggered throughout the week, some students were done days ago. That's why you might have noticed a trickling away of traffic and crowds rather than a sudden vacuum.


Well, if you don't need new furniture, there are other ways to celebrate the weekend. For instance, Saturday is the annual River Day Garlic Mustard Cleanup from 9-1. Gather at the parking lot of Family & Community Services on Gougler Ave. Something a little more relaxing up your alley? The annual Poetry in the Park starts at noon and goes until 1:30. If the weather's nice, it will be held in Home Savings Plaza, but if the weather gets nasty, Woodsy's has been kind enough to offer their annex. If you're ready for some strength-building exercise, join us Sunday at the site of the Haymaker Farmers' Market. Apparently VW owners have complained about losing their Beetles in the potholes, so many of the vendors and friends of the market are going to smooth in some gravel. Yes, it's almost market time! Stay tuned for more info.

As far as Stahl's Bakery goes, bakerydad has a birthday this week! We're celebrating his big 7-4 with Raisin Bread on Friday & Saturday. What's that? Cheap shot? No, no, no. He likes raisin bread. It has nothing to do with the fact raisins are all wrinkly. For the record, bakerydad is pretty buff, working out 3x a week and doing a lot of bicycling. In other words, he is not to be taunted ...'cause he could take ya. Anyhow, he won't be eating the whole batch, so you're invited to partake. Stahl's Raisin Bread has raisins, of course, and a bit of cinnamon. Not only is it good for snacking, or PB & J-ing, but it also makes terrific toast. Now isn't that a great way to start the weekend?  Call (330) 673-9244 to reserve a loaf or two.  We'll be open until 5:30 tonight to give you a chance to beat the Saturday morning rush.  Just think, fresh Raisin Bread already waiting on your counter for breakfast.  Yum! 














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