Stahl's 411 newsletter 4/30/09
Subject: Stahl's 411 newsletter 4/30/09
Send date: 2009-04-30 23:33:00
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All gone...


April, and hot soup at Stahl's, that is.


Well, almost all gone. There's still a day left soup-wise. So hurry in Friday for your last chance for Curried Pumpkin Soup until next Fall. Served with two mini rolls, it's just $4.00 for a pound (16-oz. bowl) of soup. As delicious as it is, you probably won't have the willpower to resist. Which is why it might be a good idea to get a second bowl to put in the 'fridge or freezer; next week is expected to be a little, well, seasonal. Sunday's low is predicted to be 46, and Monday's high 55. If you stopped by our table at Kent Expo a couple of weeks ago, this is also your last day to redeem your $1.00 off "soupon."


Can't make it in on Friday? Just give a shout* (330) 673-9244, to have a bowl or two put away for you to pick up on Saturday.


Don't worry about your lunch situation through the rest of summer, though; we still have, as always, a selection of sandwiches made on our own delicious bread. And is it giving too much away to hint that some gazpacho or other cold soups might be in the works? Yeah, maybe it is. Forget you read that.


And what about dessert? For a limited time, we're bringing back Tortelettes. Remember those? A layer of white cake, a layer of raspberry frosting, a layer of chocolate cake, another layer of raspberry frosting, and a final layer of white cake, cut into 2 1/2 x 2" rectangle, slathered with vanilla frosting, and chocolate sprinkles snuggling the sides.

Remember Fox8's Akron-Canton Hotlist?  Did you vote for us yet?  On all your e-mail names?  Did you nag your friends to vote for us too?  If not, here's the easy link:  Why are we nagging you?  Because up until a few days ago, we were in the top 5 from the beginning of the contest.  And once you've had a taste of success...




*Please don't take that too literally; you can speak in a normal tone of voice. Really!



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