Stahl's 411; April 6, E-newsletter
Subject: Stahl's 411; April 6, E-newsletter
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It's said that April in Ohio can be all four seasons in one month. The last few days seems to have compacted that into one week. Brrrr! If you haven't been in for a while, soup season continues, this week with hearty Beef-Barley.


Of course the real importance of the week is religious, not the weather or our menu. For most Christians, this is Holy Week, commemorating the last week of Jesus' earthly life, beginning with His entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), through Maunday Thursday (the Last Supper), His trial, crucifixion (Good Friday), and leading to His resurrection (Easter). Although some Christians go by the earlier Julian calendar, putting the remembrances and celebrations back a week, the importance is the same for all.

Over the centuries, many accompanying traditions have evolved though, and quite a few of them are food-related. Throughout Lent, the 40-day period before Easter including Holy Week, self-denial is often practiced, including abstaining from certain foods only, or fasting completely for short periods. Then Easter Sunday arrives, which for a Christian is the celebration of celebrations, so the fasting comes to a stop. For many, the foods of the Easter feast are as traditional and symbolic as the types of fasting during Lent. They also are as varied as the nations and ethnicities practicing Christianity.


Yes, we will be making some traditional Easter treats here at Stahl's: Nut Rolls, Czech Pastries, Almond Petit Fours, and Frosted Easter Cookies (leave some carrot cookies out for the Easter Bunny) to name a few. We will also make Russian Easter Bread, a rich egg bread studded with fruit and raisins. Call ahead to reserve a loaf or two as these go fast on Fri. & Sat. And if you'd like a sample beforehand, take a trip to Logos Bookstore at 976 West Main St. (where SR 59 & Main St. join back up going toward Stow). The nice people at Logos are once again giving away mini-loaves in celebration of Holy Week. Here's their website:



Happy Easter!




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