Spring Has Sprung...
Subject: Spring Has Sprung...
Send date: 2009-03-26 00:48:41
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...The Grass has Riz,

I Wonder Where the Students Is?



Well, spring has sort of sprung, calendar-wise, anyhow. But the students are definitely missing. If you didn't see the mass-exodus last Thursday (because some students deliberately avoid scheduling Friday classes), you've probably noticed the uncongested streets, empty parking spaces, and ease of movement in the stores. Now is a great time to take advantage of these things and boost the economy at the same time: Go into town and buy something!


Yep, our population has been cut nearly in half, which is a bummer*, since those fresh faces take a lot of liveliness along with them when they go. And where have they gone for their well-deserved rest? The usual places, of course; Myrtle Beach, Daytona, and other southern vacation spots. Some have gone home, and to their great credit, many are taking the week to help others: the annual trip to help Katrina-torn areas is in full swing, for example.


Don't worry, the students will return. Yaay! Looking rested (?), refreshed, and disgustingly tanned. Boo! In the meantime, come to Stahl's and comfort yourself with this week's soup, Curried Pumpkin. Don't forget to pick up some delicious Italian Bread, while you're here.

While you're enjoying the flavor, you can dream of the perfect spring: sunshine, baby birds tweeting, a riot of new growth and the returned students careening around town.


Did you vote yet? A peek at Fox8's Akron-Canton Hotlist, shows Stahl's is still in second place. WOOHOO! Pretty exciting, considering how large and well-placed some of the competition is. If you haven't voted yet, stop by and help keep us in the running!

If this doesn't work as a link, copy & paste - this should take you directly into the voting section.


And if it really didn't work, just get into our main web page & click on the hotlist link icon. www.Kentbakery.com


While you're in there, don't forget to vote for other Kent favorites like The Kent Stage, City Bank Antiques, and Logos Bookstore. This will be the thrid year Logos has been nominated, and the last two they won the entire bookseller division, including 2007, when they were competing against all the Cleveland area as well. Let's go Kent!




*old '70s vernacular, no longer in use.






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