An Ounce of Prevention...
Subject: An Ounce of Prevention...
Send date: 2009-03-11 23:47:02
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...Is Worth a Pound of Cure


Or so the old adage tells us. But what would a pound of prevention do? Well, mathematically speaking, assuming the above formula is true, it will give us the equivalent of 16 pounds of cure. In ounces, that's, well, let's see....16 times 16, uhhhh 36, carry the 3, mmmmumble, hummmm, ponder, ponder, thinkthinkthink, find the calculator. Voila! 256 ounces of cure. That should be enough for this week, don't you think?


So, given the weather of the week with its fluctuating temperatures, pressures, and humidity levels all doing a number on your sinuses, not to mention that guy next to you at work who won't stop sneezing towards your desk. (Duuude! See a doctor!) It seems like a great week for Chicken Noodle Soup. Naturally we're serving it in a 16-oz. bowl, so there's the pound of prevention, and accompanied by an Italian Roll, so that's... well, it's just a good roll.


In other bakery news; we just found out we've been nominated for "Best Bakery" on Fox8's Akron-Canton Hotlist. Cool! The competition is pretty stiff, but as they say in Hollywood, "It's an honor just to have been nominated." Yeah, right. Let's win this thing! Between March 16 and May 9, you can help by voting at either, or


By the way, if you want to set up your lunch schedule for the rest of the month without waiting for e-mails, the March Soup Schedule is printed and waiting for you. Stop in and grab a copy.




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