Subject: Ice!
Send date: 2009-02-04 23:07:08
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By now you're probably sick of ice...

Sick of hearing about it on the morning traffic news...

Sick of seeing it thick in the gutters and edges of your roof (watch those ice dams!)...

Sick of hearing it crunch under your tires...

And really, really sick of trying to navigate across it without losing your footing and becoming one with the ice...


But this Saturday, instead of fearing the ice, you can watch Kent State and Akron U. students chain-sawing, carving, chiseling, and torching the thick stuff and coming up!

Take that, ice!

Hard to believe this will be the 5th annual "Make Mine With Ice, Please!" ice carving demonstration. Held in the Home Savings Plaza downtown (NW corner of Main & Water St's.) from 1-4 pm, this is a great way to get out of the house, shake off some winter ennui, and cheer for your favorite local college. Naturally Stahl's Bakery will be there with cookies, cakes, and bread (our fifth year at this event, too!), and Anthony's Café next door will have hot coffee, hot chocolate, and bowls of chili to warm you up.


Don't think you have to starve until Saturday, though. Our soup this week is good old-fashioned, warm-you-up Chicken-Noodle. Stop by and "pre-warm" for Saturday. After all, when it comes to athletic events, training is everything!







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Stahl's Bakery is located in the Kinko's Plaza on Rt. 59
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From Campus: Walk across the street.
From Ravenna: Rt. 59 West just past the University
From Stow: Rt. 59 East just before the University







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