Happy Mother's Day!
Subject: Happy Mother's Day!
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Quick! What's Mom's favorite flower? Don't know? Better ask Dad. If he knows, that is -you know how dads are. Why do you need to know this right now? Because you'll need to let us know when you call in on Thursday to place your Mother's Day Cake, Cupcake, and Petit Four orders. Yep, Mother's Day is this coming Sunday! Come to think of it, you'd better find out what her favorite flavor is, too. Light almond? Heavy almond? Chocolate? It does make a difference. For instance, Cupcakes & Cakes come in light almond or chocolate, but Petit Fours are intensely almond. And if she's a 'Chocolate or Death” kind of girl then there's Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles and Caramel-filled Brownies. Don't laugh; once upon a time your mom really was a girl. Heck, once upon a time, even BakeryMom was a girl (but nobody remembers that far back).

Now these desserts are a great way to celebrate a great woman, but you shouldn't stop there. After all, did she ever stop showing you her love? Probably not. And a time-honored Mother's Day tradition is to treat her to breakfast, either in bed or out of the house. We can help you with the in-bed part; just grab some Muffins or Pancake Mix (DIY the easy way!) when you pick up your cake. If you want to do something extra-special, The Pufferbelly Restaurant has an excellent Sunday Brunch. AND you can take your Stahl's cake along with you - unlike some restaurants, The Pufferbelly won't charge an extra 'plating' fee. (because they're nice like that) And for the first time in several years, Mother's Day is not on the same weekend as the end of KSU's Spring Semester. Which means no crowds of parents in a mad dash to gather up their students and all of their belongings, or extra family members coming to watch graduation. That all happens next week.

Now if you'd also like a physical, longer-term tie-in with your flowery cake, try Richard's Flower Shop (near Roosevelt High), or Battaglia's Greenhouse on Rt. 59 in Ravenna for some absolutely gorgeous flowers for houseplants, long-term garden, or summer hanging baskets. If you plan ahead, we might be able to get matchy-matchy with your foliage.Just let us know! Mom will be so impressed with how you planned ahead




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