Perfect Weather!
Subject: Perfect Weather!
Send date: 2015-03-04 19:23:28
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Perfect Weather!


And it is perfect weather, isn't it? Perfect for getting cozy inside, perfect for catching up on that series you DVRd last summer, perfect for sliding your car into a ditch, perfect for catching a cold...

Well, that list went downhill quickly, didn't it? But take hope. There are still very encouraging things going on all around us. For instance, did you know that last weekend a couple of fraternities donated time & muscle to help the Kent Fire Department dig out fire hydrants? Considering the amount of snow kicked up onto tree lawns by passing plows, that was a lot of time and a LOT of muscle! Thanks, guys!!! And even though that's more a testament to the character of our young adults, here's something to prove that Spring is definitely on its way: Arrivals of semi-trailers to Battaglia's Garden Center on Rt. 59 (just this side of Sunbeau Valley). Although it isn't always easy to tell what's in those trailers, yesterday there was an open flat trailer full of bagged potting soil. Potting soil! To plant things in! Then to re-plant things outside when (not if) the weather gets warmer. Who knew a truckload of dirt could be so encouraging?

And now for some more encouragement: you may have heard that there was a possibility that we wouldn't be making soup after February. Long story short: good things happened & we'll keep making those delicious 'liquid lunches' through March, possibly into April (depending on weather), then back to it next Fall. Which is good, considering this is also perfect weather for this week's Chicken Noodle Soup! Served with roll for $4.50.

Sneak peek for next week: Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup.



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