Welcome to February!
Subject: Welcome to February!
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...The month of love & snow.

If you love the snow, it's your lucky month. But what if you & yours would rather stay inside & watch rather than be out in it? Well, it's February. Which means you & yours have probably been staying inside doing just that since Christmas. Which also means it's past time to air out the family. You should probably schedule something as soon as possible, because, well, Phew! Saturday, for instance. You don't even have to make excuses, since this Saturday is the 11th Annual “Make Mine With Ice, Please” ice carving event. Hometown Bank is generously lending their plaza on the NW corner of Main & Water from 1-4. The University of Akron's Culinary Artist's Club (yep, they've got a club, and they're really good!) will be showing off their ice carving chops, Stahl's Bakery (that's us!) will be bringing Caramel-Filled Brownies, Pizzelles, and Raspberry Truffles, and if you need a quick warm-up or a cup of hot coffee, try the new Robin's Nest (formerly Anthony's), or take a quick trip across Main Street to Franklin Square Deli. Get the right table and you may even be able to crane your neck around to keep an eye on the carvers' progress. No guarantees on that score; it will depend on traffic. And your neck.

Even if you don't love snow, February is still the month of love. Exactly one week after the Ice Carving is St. Valentine's Day. So that gives you a full week to decide what you want to stock up on, order, and share from Stahl's Bakery (still us!). In addition to our daily fare, we'll also be making Heart Cakes, Cherry-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes, and Heart Frosted Cookies in two sizes. If you have kids in school, or even if you want to treat the gang at work on Friday the 13th, give us a call a few days ahead to reserve your order. That way when everyone else is scrambling at the the last minute, you can breeze in, pick up your box already packed and tied with a bow (if you'd like). Go ahead and shout “Victory is MINE!” as you leave – a bit of gloating is perfectly understandable.

And if you love the savory, here's our soup schedule for the month:

Feb 2-7 Chicken Noodle

Feb 9-14 Broccoli-Cheddar

Feb. 16-21 Cream of Garlic*

Feb. 22-28 Cream of Mushroom

We've also got the soup schedule in hard copy, so grab one to stick on your computer, fridge, or breakroom bulletin board.


*Because Valentine's Day is over


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