Show of Hands...
Subject: Show of Hands...
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Show of hands...

Who wants a free Giant Mitten Cookie? Well, who wouldn't? But what's the catch? (there's always a catch). The catch is, you need to help decorate our wall...yes, it's time for the 8th Annual Mitten Exchange. Come on in, trace your hand as your own mitten template, decorate your mitten, and get a Giant Mitten Cookie in exchange. There are rules, of course (there are always rules). This isn't homework, so you have to do your art in Stahl's, you have to keep your art on the clean side (this is a family joint, after all...we do have young customers), and you have to inscribe your true, physical, chronological age, and also your first name. Worried someone will find out your age? That's why it's first names only. You provide the talent, we'll provide the paper, crayons, and cookies. Win-win!

Now this being a university town, cookies have been known to have been made a complete meal of, but you're really not limited... we've got Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Cream Cheese Bear Claws, and Butterscotch Coconut Rolls for breakfast, and for lunch, this week's soup is Curried Pumpkin.

Sneak Peek for next week:

French Onion Soup


*Yeah, we've heard all the excuses & dodges people use to weasel out of this part of the exchange.


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