Did'ja Ever Notice...
Subject: Did'ja Ever Notice...
Send date: 2015-01-08 12:46:44
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Did'ja ever notice... that the end of the year brings some major 'eating' hoidays?

Did'ja ever notice...That the beginning of the next year often brings some pretty cold weather? 

Did'ja ever notice... That before winter, many of our animal friends increase their caloric intake?

Coincidences?  Maybe.  But why take a chance?  Even though we've all had the opportunity to front-load those calories at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, who was expecting we'd be going to work at -2 degrees this morning?!?  Yeah, yeah, yeah, meteorologists, Farmers' almanac, blah, blah, blah.  Who listens to that stuff?!?

Anyway, those calories are gone, and you need some more.  We can help you stay within that post-holiday budget without starving or freezing.  Sounds too good, huh?  Tastes good, too:  Chunky Tomato Bisque with Stahl's roll.  Only $4.25 for a full pound of soup.  Get a couple orders & you'll only have to go out once.  Know what?  You should probably get a Snowflake Frosted Cookie, too.  Just in case you get hungry later. Maybe a Muffin, too, because there's always breakfast.  And the less you have to go out in this weather, the better. 

If you need just a little bit more incentive, here goes:  This week only, we're having a half-price sale on Gingerbread Houses ($17.50) and Peppermint Bark ($1.35)

Sneak peek for next week:  Beef Barley Soup.  And Giant Red Mitten Frosted Cookies return, also. 


Did'ja ever notice... Anytime someone starts a sentence with "Did'ja ever notice..." that you hear Andy Rooney's voice in your head?  Admit it, you know you do.




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