Squirrel Me!
Subject: Squirrel Me!
Send date: 2014-11-28 02:50:36
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Some people call the day after Thanksgiving, “Black Friday.” But did you know that in Kent, it's been designated “Black Squirrel Friday?” That's only in Kent...for now. It takes backward places like Akron and Cleveland a while to catch up, don'tcha know?

You might have known that Stahl's Bakery is the home of the original Black Squirrel Cookie. Emphasis on “original.” If you look around, you'll probably see a few imitators. The sincerest form of flattery? Or cheating copycats too lazy to come up with their own thing? You decide. But no matter the shape, nobody's copied our flavor. (And good luck with that, bone idle copycats.)

Territorial rumblings aside, we've decided to put our own spin on both Black Squirrel Friday, and “Small Business Saturday,” which is the following day. This weekend, anyone who brings in a receipt from a Kent retail store gets a free Black Squirrel Cookie! The receipt has to be dated from either Friday or Saturday. Sorry, no food places...as much fun as it might be to get a coffee & muffin or a bowl of soup from somewhere else, then get a freebie from us, that's just uncool. There is one exception – us! And don't forget you've still got '2nd Thanksgiving' and visiting relatives. So stop by & get a Pie, Muffins, Cookies,or anything else from us, mention this promotion, and devour a squirrel!

This offer is good for all of Kent, not just city center, so if you've got eclectic shopping tastes, we'll absolutely still hook you up. Think about Einstein's Attic, Logos Bookstore, Campus Camera, and Richard's Flower Shop for a well-rounded, 4 points excursion.



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