A Scam What Am
Subject: A Scam What Am
Send date: 2014-11-12 08:30:47
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A Scam What Am


But first, the Stahl's Bakery 411.

Yep, soup season is here in earnest, and this week's entry is Chunky Tomato Bisque. Because when the weather turns from 70 to 40 in a day, you need something warm, nourishing, and sink-your-teeth-into good. Ta Daaaa! A generous 1-lb. serving with an Italian Roll for $4.25.

This is also the second week in November. That means November is HALFWAY OVER!! NOBODY PANIC!!! Because we've already started taking Thanksgiving pie, cake & roll orders. Pumpkin, Cherry, Apple, Caramel-Apple Crumb, Peach, Custard, Coconut Custard, and All-American (layered Blueberry, Cream & Cherry) available. And don't forget those cute Mini Turkey Cakes!

Also, next week starts the 9th annual Turkey Exchange. Come in, make a hand turkey for our wall, get a free turkey cookie. This is not a contest, and there is no age limit. Just a straight turkey for a turkey trade off. During those two weeks, your art will help decorate our store for Thanksgiving. Naturally you're welcome to get some other goodies and place your Thanksgiving order while you're classing up our joint. And won't it be nice to go shopping somewhere that isn't pushing Christmas yet?


And now for the scam...

If you happened to notice a police cruiser in front our our store this week – twice so far- here's the tale: Last Saturday we got a call from a con man posing as an Ohio Edison tech with an order to disconnect electricity unless someone went immediately to their authorized payment location and waited for further instructions via cell phone. Had something gone awry with our last payment as the guy said? The bank was closed. The Electric Co. office was also closed, as was the police administrative offices (this wasn't an emergency, so 911 was a no-go). So these guys calling on Saturday when nothing could be checked?..sneaky, sneaky.

Words like 'tech,' and 'handheld,' mentioning Walmart & Rite-Aid as authorized payment locations(they really are), and giving a toll-free callback number all lend credence to these jerks. But what really sold it was reciting our last payment amount to the penny & the date it was made. Turns out that's pretty easy to do to a business, since the automated system only needs phone #, address (both public knowledge), and account number. And while you're waiting on hold, they're quickly getting into First Energy's automated system and finding out just enough to sound legit. Don't worry; they didn't get any money, and sharing the account number is a mistake that we won't be repeating.

Epilogue: Apparently these yahoos didn't realize they'd been found out, since they called back Tuesday to try again, LOL. Meanwhile, the Kent Police & First Energy have been notified. And if someone tries to shake you down after business hours, remember: First Energy doesn't disconnect during the weekend. Something else to watch out for according to the nice lady at F.E: some of the scammers have made a copy of the automated system recording & play it whenever someone calls their bogus number back. Giving them one more layer of credibility.

Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues. Watch your back. And if it happens to you, write down as much information as you can glean, then call the utility company and the police.

Then, of course, stop by Stahl's for a fortifying bowl of soup. And maybe even a cookie to steady your nerves. Stahl's Cookies are magic that way.



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