How to stay warm...
Subject: How to stay warm...
Send date: 2009-01-14 10:16:53
Issue #: 13


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...without leaving Ohio.


This week is going to be a cold one, folks!

Avert your eyes from the next sentence if you're weather-squeamish... Friday's high temp (yes, High) is predicted to be... 4.


O.K., it's safe to look again.


Of course there are different ways to cope with extreme cold;

1) Fly to Hawaii. $880.40 will buy you a round-trip ticket to Honolulu. Of course that's 9 hours each way on a plane with a second-run movie, very small snack bags, and that poor colicky baby who uses up every bit of your sympathy and patience before you hit Chicago.


2) Layer on your clothes and come over to Stahl's for hot Cream of Mushroom soup. Made from scratch, ours is deliciously rich, creamy, and filling - what's a better description of comfort food? Don't forget to add some good coffee and a sweet treat; after all, you need to keep yourself fueled up!

3) Stay in bed and burrow under the covers until April. Don't forget to call in sick cold.


Between these choices, two definitely sounds like the best option. After all, nine hours on a plane?!? Not to mention all the souveniers your friends would expect you to haul back for them. Naturally, a trip to Stahl's will probably have your friends asking you to bring back something also, but they don't need to know how many cookies were really in the bag when you left here. And they won't hear it from us.



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