August 15, 2014
Subject: August 15, 2014
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Have you ever noticed what we do when summer is upon us? Normal outdoor things, of course, like gardening, hiking, bike-riding. But then there are the normally indoor activities that we insist on taking outdoors. Who needs to go outside to read? You've probably got a wonderfully comfortable chair in your house, but what dedicated bookworm doesn't love to curl up under a shade tree on a nice day? And what about baseball fans? A lawn chair & radio or a tiny pocket TV vs. a comfy recliner in front of a flatscreen HD? The outside option wins. Is there something in our makeup that yearns for closer ties with nature? Is it an unconscious craving for Vitamin D? The fun of doing something out of place? Or is it maybe just trying to enjoy a season that doesn't last as long as we think it should? Probably all of those together!

So how would you like to spend time Saturday enjoying sun-delivered vitamin, getting some face time with mother nature, and grocery shopping – outdoors? Then come on down to the Stow Community Market at the Stow Community Church at 1537 Pilgrim Drive from 9:00-12:30 to stock up on Maple Syrup, Honey products, kettle corn, produce, jellies, jerky, and of course baked goods from Stahl's! Our lineup for this week includes: Italian Bread, Peach Pies, Caramel-Filled Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, Frosted Cookies, and more. If you're worried that you won't find interacting with others outdoors entertaining enough for you, keep in mind that this week's live music is being provided by Dale Galgozy & Friends. Got kids? The weekly free craft booth will give them a creative outlet (& take home art!) And for everybody's tastebud enjoyment, this week is the church's annual Sweet Corn Fest. Sweet corn drenched in butter, with your choice of seasoning to add (or not). Hotdogs, chips, and pie slices, too, so you can have a well-rounded fest/feast.

Fair warning: Our storefront will be closed this Saturday, but pickups will be available before 8:30, after 12:50, and if you'd like to place a special order & those times are inconvenient, we'll be happy to meet you at the market with your order in hand. Give a call Friday to confirm your pickup. (330) 673-9244


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(330) 673-9244
411 East Main Street, Kent, OH 44240
Stahl's Bakery is located in the Kinko's Plaza on Rt. 59
(Near Chipotle)
From Campus: Walk across the street.
From Ravenna: Rt. 59 West just past the University
From Stow: Rt. 59 East just before the University







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