The Trouble With Excellence...
Subject: The Trouble With Excellence...
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A few years ago our neighbors at The News & Photo Shop (now home to The Exchange) had a KSU student employee who was a majoring in Photo Journalism...or “Photo-J” as the cool kids like to call it. We were fortunate to have Pat take a picture of our pies, which we then had turned into a poster print. You may even have seen it if you've been in our storefront. Although if you were too distracted by the goodies in the cases, well, we understand. The trouble is, Pat is very talented, and the picture is good. Too good. It seems that people think it's a stock poster; you know, the kind available through wholesale food service fixture vendors. ---“Hello, Acme Restaurant Supply? I'd like to order a sidewalk blackboard sign, a couple of table talkers, and a pie poster, please.” ---- And if it is a stock poster, it isn't something we could actually make.

See what we mean by “the trouble with excellence?” Pat's photographic talent is practically a psych-out, but the poster really, really is of our very own Star Spangled Pie – a delicious red, white, and blue combination of blueberry filling, vanilla pastry cream, and cherry filling. And in the background is a regular Double Crust Fruit Pie. Both of which will be traveling with us to this week's Stow Community Farmers' Market at the Stow Community Church at 1567 Pioneer Drive. Other goodies making the trip will be Muffins, Frosted Cookies, Traditional Cookies, Pizzelles (yes!), Coconut Macaroons, Caramel-filled Brownies, Devilmint Cupcakes, and as we usually do near July 4th; Wild Rice Bread.

As you'd expect, our storefront will be closed on Friday, July 4th, but also on Saturday, July 5th except for pre-orders. Is the trip to Stow worthwhile? Oh, yeah! This weekend, Mike Harvan will be playing guitar & singing, Bittner's Bees returns from their southern circuit all loaded up with Orange Blossom Honey (and other kinds, of course), and the church will be making Pierogis.

See you Saturday – in Stow!


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