Happy Easter!
Subject: Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter!

For Christians, this coming Sunday is the most holy day of the calendar: the day commemorating Jesus' resurrection after having been crucified. Naturally, a day as important as this has quite a few traditions associated with it. After all, we've had 2,000 years to celebrate! Some traditions are very specific to region, nationality, or denomination, but others span the groups. Eggs, for instance have been a symbol of resurrection for a long time. some sources say early Christians in the Middle East started coloring eggs red as a symbol of Jesus' blood poured out on the cross. From there, over years and miles, the pinnacle of egg decorating is probably in Ukrainian culture. There, a wax resist is applied in tiny lines over a shell, then it's dipped in different colors. Each color used has an associated meaning, as do the line patterns. From simple to complex, though, the basic symbolism is the same: from a lifeless tomb (the shell) comes new life (chick).

Here at Stahl's, we have plenty of eggs to help you celebrate! Starting with Egg Petit Fours, Egg Frosted Cookies, and new this year, Panoramic Eggs. Made of sugar, a bit of egg white, and food color, these peek-a-boo confections with figures and scenes are a sweet addition to a child's basket, a family table, or as a friend's gift. We've made them in two sizes, and they can be kept indefinitely – they've been known to last for years when kept out of humidity.

We've got more than just egg-y things for the weekend: other cookies, Cherry-Cheese Tea Rings, Sweet Rolls, Dinner Rolls, Easter Cakes, Czech Pastries...and more.

After Easter, don't forget Earth Day – it's Tuesday, April 22, and as we have done for the last 12 years, we'll be hosting our Earth Day Free Coffee Giveaway. All you have to do is bring in your own mug, and we'll give you free coffee! That's the 'reduce' part of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” And if you want coffee any other day, bring your mug anyway – it won't be free, but we always give a discount when you bring your own mug.


Have a Blessed Easter!



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