New year, old memories
Subject: New year, old memories
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One of the great things about being a long-time local business is the memories we've been able to help our customers and their families make. Sometimes it's a child with big eyes for a cookie, or definite ideas about his birthday cake, or a student looking for something small, inexpensive, but definitely special for a roommate's birthday, or a bride & groom who want scarlet roses scattered amongst peanut butter buckeyes on their wedding cake (OSU fans). Sometimes we even get to help recreate a memory, as when we've been given a 50-year old wedding cake picture and asked to copy it for an anniversary. Recently, we had the opportunity to participate in a memory both fun and poignant. Gary surprised his wife Susi with a trip to Kent for a Stahl's birthday cake and a second, smaller cake. The larger cake was to take back to Highland Heights to share with family, but the smaller cake was special for a different reason. You see, when they were newlyweds in Kent 38 years ago, her brother showed up on their doorstep with a small Stahl's cake for her birthday and instructions to eat it without silverware. It's a particularly cherished memory for them because he was in a fatal accident a few weeks later. As you can see, they had just as much fun diving in face-first this time around....and giggled like newlyweds.


Sometimes our best memories happen spontaneously, with just a little encouragement. If it's been a while since you took crayon to paper, here's your encouragement to make a new memory: Next week, we'll be having the 7th Annual Mitten Exchange! Come in the week of January 20, draw a mitten for our wall, and receive a Giant Mitten Cookie! No age limit, no talent required, and we supply the crayons. Bring a relative, a friend, or a relative frenemy – because memories are best when shared. And cookies are best when you don't. “Whataya mean share?!? Earn your own mitten – this one is mine!”

As for other goodies: This week's soup until Saturday is Chicken Noodle with a Roll. Treat yourself to dessert while you're here. Snowflake Petit Fours, Snowman Cookies, and Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles, anyone? Also Friday & Saturday we'll be making Italian Bread. If you only have time to come next week, don't worry – we'll freeze any loaves leftover & you can get them when you come to mittenize our wall. Next week's soup will be French Onion. No roll, the cheese-coated crouton is part of the soup.


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