Happy 2014
Subject: Happy 2014
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Happy New Year!

And a pretty chilly start to 2014, isn't it? You've probably been hearing the same frigid-weather advice over & over: keep exposed skin to a minimum and wear layers for warmth. Of course if you step outside in below-freezing weather, that exposed skin will take care of itself – by your scurrying back inside to find a hat, scarf & mittens. At these temperatures, you will notice the difference between gloves and mittens, also between wool and polyester. Here's a fun fiber fact: pound for pound, silk is actually warmer than wool. The catch? It takes a lot of silk to match the weight of wool. Again, that's where layers can help out -multiple thin layers are better than fewer heavy ones, so if you already have a silk shirt, sandwich it between other things and you'll feel the benefit. That's the end of “grandma's outside advice.”

Now for the inside advice: hot soup & high caloric intake. This week's soup at Stahl's is hearty Cream of Roasted Garlic. If you've never had garlic soup, fear not: roasting the pungent bulbs tames their harshness, then we add a bit of white wine to emphasize the flavor. Lucky for us we're a parking lot away from 101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and their fine selection of wines. Lucky for you the alcohol cooks out, so you won't get carded to buy soup. As for the high calories...c'mon...this is a bakery! We've got plenty of calories to go around! But if you have trouble choosing, you can never go wrong with Frosted Snowflake & Snowman Cookies, Caramel-filled Brownies, or now back in the cool-weather lineup: Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles. Other things back in the lineup: Cream Cheese Bearclaws, Cherry Snails, and Cinnamon Rolls. Here's more chilly weather advice: cinnamon is a warming spice, and we use two types in our Cinnamon Roll filling – Korintje for liveliness and Vietnamese to mellow the bite & add some comforting vanilla notes. Yeah, don't overthink the flavor – just enjoy.


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