Which Weekend?
Subject: Which Weekend?
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Which weekend?

This year, July 4th falls on a Thursday, so it's a little hard to determine which weekend should be “The Official” July 4th weekend. Thursday's really closer to the following Saturday, but, hey! Independence Day will have already been over by then – a little anticlimactic. Don't worry, some things will be this weekend, and some things will be next, so party on (& on). This weekend in Kent, things start off with a bang! Not really – more like a graceful float. This Friday is the first of the D.I.C.E.* summer “Sidewalk Cinemas,” and the feature is the animated “Up.” If you haven't seen this, it's really worth a look! A man goes on the adventure of his life – by tying hundreds of helium balloons to his house and floating...up. Along with a young stowaway, of course. Always gotta have a stowaway. The movie will be shown outside at the Hometown Bank Plaza on the NW corner of Water & Main Sts., so bring along a blanket or chair and get comfortable. Kent Stage has generously offered to be the rain location.

Hometown Plaza is proving to be pretty indispensable this weekend; the next day (Saturday) St. Patrick's Church is hosting a Rally for Religious Freedom, also at the plaza. It starts at noon on Saturday and runs until 1:30. There will be music, speakers, and peaceful assembly – how's that for a patriotic event? Sandwiched between the two events (and one town over), Stahl's will be at the Stow Farmers' Market from 9-12:30. What patriotic things are we planning to bring? Wild Rice Bread! This is our traditional July 4th bread because, well, it's uniquely American. Wild rice isn't really rice, but it is a grain; one of only two native to this continent (maize is the other). Specifically, wild rice is native to the Great Lakes region, so that really makes it ours.” Want to know something even better? It tastes good! Slightly nutty and a bit sweet. We'll also be bringing Stars & Stripes Cookies, Cherry-Cheese Tea Rings, and Blueberry Coffeecake to add some red, white, & blue to our table. If you can't make it to Stow, fear not – Bakerymom is holding down the fort at our bricks & mortar storefront – if you'd like something held back for you, just give us a call at (330) 673-9244, and we'll make sure it doesn't stow away on the trip to Stow.

Then, rest up – next Saturday is the Kent Heritage Fest!




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