Bakerydad and the Worms
Subject: Bakerydad and the Worms
Send date: 2013-06-20 01:38:11
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Bakerydad and the Worms


How did your Father’s Day go? Was it a hit? Or a miss? Here at Stahl’s it was a…miscalculation. You see, Bakerydad is into nature, conservation, and trying to lure different birds to his backyard feeders. So, after a trip to Wild Birds Unlimited in Chapel Hill, it seemed that a thoughtful present would be a new feeder plus the squirming live meal worms to go in it. Apparently Bluebirds, Woodpeckers, Wrens, Nuthatches, etc. all like the wriggly things. So into his garage refrigerator went the container with the airholes until the next day. Hindsight being 20/20, it’s easy to see that the problem really started last year, when his present was a beer sampler from our good friends across the parking lot at 101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Which had also been secreted in his garage ‘fridge the night before. You probably see where this was headed: “Happy Father’s Day! The rest of your present is in the refrigerator! You’re going to be sooo surprised!” His face lit up as he asked, “Is it beer?!?” Fortunately, the rest of his present was well-received. A grateful shout-out to Logos Book Store for the excellent book suggestion!


There are probably a few of you out there who also need to make up for an error in your Father’s Day gift giving, so we’re going to have your back this weekend. We’ll be at the Stow Farmers’ Market at 1567 Pilgrim Drive from 9-12:30 on Saturday. This week’s bread is Honey Whole Wheat, and for special making-it-up-to-the-old-man we’ll be bringing Cherry Pie, Cherry-Cheese Tea Rings, and Cinnamon Crumb Cake.


See you Saturday!




Bakerydad has been putting out some worms every day to attract new bird species. Something's attraced to them since they're dissapearing quickly. Something very shy, because Bakerydad hasn't been able to catch it in the act!




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