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Stahls E- News

It's Time...
1) For Stahl's Soup to come off Christmas Hiatus! This week we're making our famous Curried Pumpkin Soup (w/bakery roll, of course).
2) For the Annual Mitten Exchange! Yep, it's baaaack. That uniquely Stahl's trade-off where you draw a mitten for our wall, and we give you a free Red Mitten Cookie. In addition to the giant cookie, we'll also provide the paper & crayons. You must provide the template (your hand) plus your own artistic viewpoint and creativity.

The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean. Remember, this is a family joint – we prefer the walls be G-rated.

  2. Sign your first name & correct age. Shy about everyone in Kent knowing your age? That's why it's first name only.

  3. No age limits! So far our youngest was 1 and our eldest was 86.

  4. This is an exchange, not a contest! Don't forget that we're two doors down from All Media, www.allmediaartsupply.com, the art supply store, so there's a larger-than-normal artistic population milling about our plaza. How unfair would a contest be for those of normal ability, or even those of us with low artistic ability?

  5. Pictures stay up until the end of January. After that, you may retrieve yours to frame, add to your portfolio, or stick onto your mom's refrigerator door.


3) And it's time for one more return:  the "7th Annual Winter Meet-n-Greet," Ohio's bakery convo/workshop/get-together.  The festivities start Sunday morning in Cincinnati, so we'll be closing on time Saturday (1:00 pm) in order to drive down that evening, get a good rest, and start absorbing knowledge first thing at 8:00 am.  Then we'll be closed Monday, but re-open on Tuesday, raring to go with new ideas!





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