See you downtown
Subject: See you downtown
Send date: 2012-11-28 22:25:41
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So, did you get enough to eat for Thanksgiving? It's hard not to - what a feast! But maybe Uncle Phil took 3rds of everything (you know Uncle Phil – he probably took 4ths when nobody was looking), Grammy dropped the green bean casserole, and in the confusion, your brother's dog slurped up all the gravy and washed it down with the rutabagas. Poor Max regretted those rutabagas, of course. Immediately. All over the living room carpet.

So let's say there just weren't enough take-homes to go around for 2nd Thanksgiving. You can always get a small turkey, make dressing, mash potatoes, and boil a rutabaga or two. And don't worry, Max has learned his lesson. Probably. But what about pie?! What about rolls?! What about Stahl's Bakery? We'll be making pie & rolls for your 2nd Thanksgiving on Saturday. And if you did have enough 1st Thanksgiving? Come by anyway; we'll be making other things, too.

This week's soup, for instance: Chunky Tomato Bisque. 1-lb. of it, with roll for $4.50.

Have you heard about this Saturday's downtown festivities? The annual “Festival of Lights” starts at 6:00 when Santa arrives via train. Stop by the Pufferbelly for a delicious dinner & wave him into town. Then bring the kids to the Hometime Bank Plaza for some face time with the big guy. Here's a link to find out more: Many of the stores in city center will have later hours for you to stop in. Why should “Small Business Saturday” be the only day to shop small businesses? And.....Stahl's Bakery will be downtown too! Actually, we already are in downtown; Kent's downtown officially begins at Lincoln St. That means starting in the old Captain Brady building with Campus Book & Supply and Second Sole, then moving west along Main St. toward the center of town, we're all part of downtown. Everyone doesn't know that, so we businesses here on the east side of city center sometimes feel like the red-headed stepchildren* of Kent.

Rather than cry about the unfairness of it all though, we're elbowing through the crowd and boldly horning in. Big thanks to City Bank Antiques, Sue Nelson Design, and McKay Bricker Gallery who are letting us bring samples of our Christmas goodies to their stores for you to try. And if that scenario sounds familiar, it's because Logos Bookstore let us share cookie space at their Christmas Open House a few weeks ago.

See you downtown!

*of course that reference was intended! Who do you think is writing these things?



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