So many Breads...
Subject: So many Breads...
Send date: 2012-09-08 01:37:17
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1 little time!

Here at Stahl's we've got a repertoire of over 30 different kinds of breads (and can get more recipes through our national bakery association). Unfortunately, we're running out of Saturdays to bring the them to the Stow Farmers' Market. What to do, what to do? Well, we've been so inundated with requests for a re-run of Italian Bread, that that's what we're going to make this week. That was an easy decision! We'll bring the majority of the loaves to the Market, but a few will be left at the bakery in case some people can't make it to Stow. We'll be splitting other things between our storefront location & our off-site booth: Cookies, Muffins, Pizzelles, Coconut Macaroons, and Caramel-filled Brownies, for instance. Czech Pastries & Caramel Scraps, though, will only be coming to the Stow Community Church with us. Right about now you're scratching your head and wondering “What are 'Caramel Scraps?!?!?'” We make our Caramel-filled Brownies completely from scratch: we make the brownies, of course, but we also make the caramel! Cane sugar, cream, butter, vanilla...yep, that kind of caramel. The thing is, the caramel recipe makes more than the brownies can hold, so we package the remainder in little cups and, voila! Caramel Scraps! Pour it over ice cream,stir it into coffee, dip some apple slices, or just get a spoon and attack it like a caramel predator. If you're a true caramel predator, you'll probably just use your fingers. You animal.

Once you're done snarling and snapping over your caramel prey, get ready for some traveling! Back to Kent, that is.This weekend is the 19th annual Art in the Park at Kent's Fred Fuller Park. Here's a link for more specifics: Artists, demonstrations, music, and all in a beautiful location.

See you Saturday!




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