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Subject: Settlng in....
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Last month, Stahl's was invited to participate in the Stow Community Farmers' Market on Saturdays. So...we gave it a shot. And it's great! So we're settling in and continuing to participate Vegetables, fruit, honey, soap, knife sharpening, gorgeous annual & perennial plants from Stow's Amber Gardens, a craft table for the kids, information booth, weekly musical guests - the Akron Pipe Band, for instance, and, oh yeah, delicious baked goods from Stahl's Bakery! This week we'll be bringing Coconut Macaroons, Anise Pizzelles, Czech Pastries, Muffins, Frosted Cookies, and Cracked Wheat Bread. If you haven't had our Cracked Wheat Bread before, here's a warning; this is one sneaky bread. It doesn't taste healthy - but it is. Of course it's got cracked wheat, but there are also some ingredients that up the dose of healthy and flavor: brown sugar, eggs, and whole wheat flour, for example. Meet us at the market at the Stow Community Church at 1567 Pilgrim Drive for all this marketing goodness.

Actually, you'll have to meet us there for our goodies on Saturday, since our storefront on Main St. will be closed. Bakerymom & Bakerydad are taking a short vacay, so we've plumb run out of staff. Good cheap help is so hard to find, isn't it?

If you run out of time during your run-around Saturday to get to Stow, never fear! The Monday night Farmers' Market in Kent (at the Water Street Church, 1547 S. Water St.) is picking up speed. Last week we had fresh produce, knife sharpening, soap, and Stahl's Bakery. This Monday, we'll be bringing Coconut Macaroons, Pizzelles, and for Tuesday morning breakfasts, Muffins and Pancake Mix.

The advanced weather forecast for next week looks far. But of course, we've been fooled by that quite a lot lately (this week was supposed to be in the low 80s. Hah!) Let's just hope for the best, which will also bring out some of the temperature-shy baked goods. Cupcakes for instance. Then there's Caramel-filled Brownies, Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Rolls, and Cream Cheese Bear Claws. Yep, definitely hoping for the best next week! But whatever the weather, August is time for Stahl's Iced Coffee. We cold-brew coffee concentrate to extract lots of flavor & caffeine (zoom!), then add some 'black ice' to get it really, really chilly. We call it black ice, but it's really ice made from coffee. Ice cold, but your coffee won't get diluted as with regular ice.

See you soon!


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