Happy 4th!
Subject: Happy 4th!
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Perhaps you've noticed that for the last several years we make Wild Rice Bread near July 4th, and this year is no exception. It has always seemed like the perfect date/bread tie-in, since wild rice is native not only to North America, but to the Great Lakes region specifically. On a nutritional note, it's one of the only cereal grains which is a good provider of the amino acid Lysine (it's also is packed with potassium, minerals & vitamins) Your taste buds will like it's nutty flavor, too. This isn't a one-note bread, though; besides unbleached flour, we also add oatmeal and a bit of molasses.
When & where will we have this? At the new Monday Farmers' Market at The Water Street Church! We'll be bringing other things, of course: Blueberry Pie and Red White & Blue Frosted Cookies also go well with patriotic celebrations. Plus Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, and Sticky Buns make a great snack or breakfast for any time of year (or day). The church is at 1541 S. Water St., and the Farmers' Market runs from 2-6 in the afternoon. Pretty convenient to stop by on your way in or out of town after work.
It's supposed to be hot -surprise!- so we won't be bringing our more delicate items such as Cupcakes or Caramel-Filled Brownies. Both frosting and caramel tends to melt & run in the heat and sun, but we will have them at the bakery's storefront location at 411 E. Main (in the Kinko's Plaza). The bakery isn't exactly cold*, either, so we'll be holding some in the refrigerator for you - don't be shy about asking for them. But if you do like them gooey & runny, just leave them in your car for a bit.
Happy July 4th!
*Nope, sorry, no a/c at Stahl's. Let's face it, in a battle between our big ol' oven and an air conditioner, the only winner would be Ohio Edison. Don't worry, we won't make you stay & stand near the oven, lol. That's our job.


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