Yo, yo, Daddio!
Subject: Yo, yo, Daddio!
Send date: 2012-06-15 09:13:30
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Last month we focused on Mom, so for the sake of fairness, this month it's time to focus on Dad. But is that more fair for him or for us? After all, June is a prime picnic month, so it makes sense that any special day (Father's Day, for instance) should be celebrated outside around the grill. And as everyone knows, the best burgers come from Dad's grill. Poor Pops, put to work on his own special day.

You can make it up to him by getting him some things from Stahl's, though. Dad's love pies, and we're going to be making blueberry pie this Saturday. Since Dad isn't going to eat the whole thing, chances are he'll share with you. Win-Win! Any party needs cake, and we've got some Dad-themes ready to go: golf, fishing, and camping for starters. Be sure to order yours in advance. Check out our facebook page for some pictures. We'll also be making Sticky Walnut Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, and Cream Cheese Bear Claws. “What's for bread?” you might ask, remembering that BakeryMom's favorite bread (Rye), was our bread for Mother's Day weekend. Well, we do want to keep this as fair as possible, so this Saturday's bread will be BakeryDad's favorite – Cinnamon Raisin. Maybe that's your dad's favorite, too! And maybe he'll share some of that, as well. Isn't Father's Day great


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Stahl's Bakery is located in the Kinko's Plaza on Rt. 59
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