Spring has Sprung?
Subject: Spring has Sprung?
Send date: 2012-03-29 01:46:36
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Spring has sprung?

Well, more like exploded, given the warm sunny spell we've had. Not only did the flowers and flowering trees jump out and yell, “Surprise!” but the insects have been waking up also. Mosquitos have already been spotted – hopefully the bats will be out next to take care of those blood suckers. And for all of our clocks and calendars, humans are just as susceptible to warmth as a seasonal cue. Looking around Portage Co., most of the summer-specific businesses have opened to accommodate us; Stoddard's Custard Stand, Birdie Shack Putt-r-golf, and even Midway Drive-In have opened. Our friends at Battaglia's Garden Center on St. Rte 59 say that people are swarming in to get bedding plants and seeds. It's a bit early for planting, as we've seen this week with Monday night's cold snap, but who can resist wandering through the plant-filled aisles while dreaming of summer growth? For a sure thing, though, you might also want to stop by Richard's Flower Shop for a table-top bulb garden.

It looks like we're not quite finished with cooler weather, though. You know what that means? Stahl's soup continues! This week we're featuring Mulligatawny Soup with an Italian Roll for $4.50. If you've ever wondered if there was an alternative to the standard Chicken & Vegetables or Chicken Noodle soup, well, here it is. Mulligatawny contains chicken, chicken stock, and some normal chickenoodle-ish vegetables like onions, celery, and carrots. Then it veers into interesting territory. Green & red peppers, parsley, apples, cloves, and curry, for instance. Those apples and spices might sound out of place in a soup, but trust us - they're not. On second thought, don't trust us – come in & decide for yourself. We'll even treat you to a free sample.

If you're going meatless for Fridays during Lent, you'll have to pass on the Mulligatawny tomorrow, but we do have some sandwiches that will fill you up without meat, and all on our delicious Italian Bread. Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, and for a blast from your childhood past, Peanut Butter & Jelly. With bread this good, there's no such thing as “just” a PB&J.

Speaking of Lent, there are only two weeks left until Easter. Which means we're now taking orders for Easter specialties. Nut Rolls, Czech Pastries, Egg Petit Fours, Russian Easter Bread, and Easter Cakes, for starters.

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