Pi in the Sky
Subject: Pi in the Sky
Send date: 2012-03-13 22:46:00
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....or maybe just Pi in your mouth


Guess what holiday is coming next? Nope, St. Patrick's Day isn't until Saturday, March 17. The very next special day is Wednesday, March 14. That would be Pi Day – 3.14, get it? San Fransisco's Exploratorium started it as a fun gimmick in 1988, where visitors & staff walked in circles, then ate fruit pies. In 2009, it got the official stamp of approval of the US House of Representatives as National Pi Day. True geeks do things like recite Pi to 22,000+ places, discuss the merits of Pi vs.Tau as a proper measurement of circles, and wait for MIT acceptance letters, (which are mailed to arrive on Pi Day). At Stahl's, though, we're going to behave like Pi: irrationally. No pies, no deep mathematical thoughts. Instead, we'll be making Frosted Pi Cookies. Just eating them will make you feel smarter so you might want to get a bunch. FYI, by a remarkable coincidence, 3/14 is also Einstein's Birthday.

But St. Patrick's Day follows close on Pi's heels, and we're ready. We've making Frosted Shamrock Cookies, Devilmint Tortes and Tortellettes. Devilmint Tortes are Mint Devilsfood Cake, cut into 4 layers and separated with mint frosting. Mmmmm. As you might guess, Tortellettes are the smaller, individual version that you don't have to share.

You've probably seen other green-themed things around town, but have you been to China City in University Plaza lately? They've got GREEN CHOPSTICKS! Really! Already tied together with green ribbon and only $1.00 for a set. Pretty cool, huh?

Soup this week: Cream of Mushroom

So, are you tired of the whole, “Vote for me! Vote for me!” folderol yet? Too bad, because here comes some more. The annual Fox8 Akron-Canton Hotlist has started, and we've been nominated in the “Best Bakery” category. Vote for Us! Vote for Us! Here's the link: fox8-akron.cityvoter.com/stahl-s-bakery/biz/72779



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