Are you ready for the S....
Subject: Are you ready for the S....
Send date: 2012-02-03 08:44:56
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Are you ready for the Soup-er Bowl?

We are! We've got the French Onion Soup ready and waiting for you, the Italian Bread croutons & Swiss cheese ready to melt, and... Oh, it's not the Soup-er Bowl? Ohhhhhh, right, it's that football thing this Sunday. The Super....what's that? Can't use the actual name because of copyright infringement, huh? Well, since millions of dollars for licensing isn't in our budget this year, let's just call this Sunday's sporting hoopla, “The Large Football Event.”

So anyway, there's a Large Football Event this Sunday, and it means that many of you will be grazing; chips, pretzels, beer, lunch meat sandwiches, pizza, wings, nachos, and so on. We can't help you with most of these things, but we can sure add to the sandwich part of your menu; this Saturday we'll be making Rye Bread. And after all that hearty fare, you & your guests will want to round off the day with some dessert; we've got you covered there! Naturally, you wonder if it's a good idea to start right in with the grazing in the afternoon. No. You really ought to start munching in the morning to build up your strength. We suggest some Stahl's Jumbo Muffins: Wild Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Raisin, and Raspberry.

Save some room for next week, though. Valentine's Day approaches! And with it, lots of goodies from Stahl's!


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