Stahl's Bakery E-news August 28, 2008
Subject: Stahl's Bakery E-news August 28, 2008
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Can you feel it? Something's in the air; excitement, dread, anticipation of the new, and at the same time, the comfort of well-worn routine. Hard to believe all that is bundled into three little words;

Back to School!

By now most students in all grades and districts have gone back to school. Here in Kent, unless you've got children in public school, the focus is on KSU students. Officially, the freshmen moved into dorms last Wednesday and Thursday, with a pre-class orientation on Friday. The idea is to let them settle in without the extra traffic of the upper levels adding too much confusion to new scenery. In reality, the upperclassmen started trickling in a few weeks ago; in the upper levels, they're allowed to live off-campus, and given the price difference and accommodations, many do!


Of course, back to school isn't the same as autumn, as much as we associate the two. The Haymaker Farmers' Market is running along, gathering steam...and new farmers! If you haven't been down for a while, don't deprive yourself of some fresh in-season deliciousness. If you're planning a 'staycation' for Labor Day weekend, there's plenty to do in Kent; D.I.C.E. (Downtown Innovative Community Events) is holding its last Sidewalk Cinema of 2008;" Raiders of the Lost Ark." Check out for more information. Then Saturday morning, the Haymaker Farmers' Market is hosting the musical group, The Celtic Clan; more information at:

Make sure you stroll the market before & after the music; you don't want to forget the fresh veggies and fruit for your Labor Day feast. Not to mention those back-to-school lunches.


Of course Stahl's can help, for both the feast and the lunches. We'll be bringing everyone's favorite, Italian bread; great for any sandwich! Also something a little different: Finnish Nisu Bread. This delicately sweet bread is rich with butter, eggs, and milk, and just the right amount of cardamom spice. Wait 'til you get a whiff! That's not the only new item this week. We're also bringing Petit Fours. If you haven't tried Stahl's Petit Fours, here's your opportunity! Almond pound cake enrobed with almond glaze - if you love the flavor of almonds, this is for you! Naturally, our cookies aren't going to be left at the shop - they get so lonely. Another perfect thing to toss in the lunch boxes, and they're already bagged up for you.


Have you tried our iced coffee yet? We start with a cold brew method which takes over a day, but cuts out the acid - and keeps the flavor... and caffeine (zoom, zoom!). Even though this is plenty cool, we do add ice. Black ice, that is. Made from coffee instead of water, these cubes won't dilute the delicious beanage. Grab a cup, clear your head, and shop wisely!


The market ends in two months, which seems like a long time to go, but remember when summer vacation started? That was three months - and now it's over. Now is the time to make your market requests. Is there anything you'd like to see come back, or perhaps debut? Do you have any critiques on what we've had so far?


See you Saturday!





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