Cheesy Treesies Soup
Subject: Cheesy Treesies Soup
Send date: 2011-11-15 23:43:22
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Cheesy Treesies

Remember 'way back when you were a kid...OK., maybe 'way, 'WAY back...and thought broccoli looked like miniature trees? Perhaps the only thing that made broccoli more palatable 'way ('WAY) back then was to imagine yourself a monster devouring the forest. RAAAWR! Times have changed, your palate is more sophisticated, and you like broccoli just fine now, thank you very much. Still, a bit of cheese makes everything taste better, so that's how we're going to tempt you this week - with "Cheesy Treesy Soup," AKA Cheesy Cream of Broccoli Soup. If the name isn’t dignified enough for your adult self, think of it this way: first we sauté onions, then use the melted butter to make a roux, and on into béchamel sauce, one of the French classics. Next, cheddar cheese is whisked in with a bit of parmesan for depth, finally receiving steamed broccoli florets and pieces to become the finished soup. Sounds elegant doesn’t it? But admit it, they still look like little trees! Whether you take your soup seriously or with a bit of fun, this is great food. We serve it in a 16oz. container (that’s 1 pound!) with a bakery-made Italian roll for only $3.50.


Don't look now, but Thanksgiving is gaining on you - it's only a week away! Yikes! Have you ordered your pie & cakes yet? There's still time, but don’t wait too long! What will we be making this year? Cake-wise we’re bringing back individual turkeys, and for a new taste, how about some Harvest Pumpkin Cake? In the pie department we’ll have Pumpkin, of course! Also Cherry, Blueberry, Custard, Coconut Custard, and our uniquely delicious Apple, either with double crust, or a crumb topping. Once again we're stepping up the Apple with Caramel Crumb Apple Pie. Our bakery-made caramel is swirled into the apples before baking, then drizzled on top of the baked crumb topping for a beautiful (and delicious) dessert presentation. Thanksgiving is such a busy day, it's easy to forget some details. Baking, cleaning, refereeing which parade gets watched, scrounging enough chairs for the tables and enough tables for your guests. Whew! It's easy to forget that the whole family has the day off also, and they'll want breakfast loooong before that turkey's ready. Think of it this way: keeping them fed means keeping them out of your way. To that end, you should pick up Muffins, Sweet Rolls, or a Cherry-Cheese Tea Ring on Wednesday when you get your pies & cake.


Until then, stop by for some goodies to tide you & yours over, or just to practice stomach-enlarging. Need some incentive? We’ll be making Italian Bread on Saturday, and the 5th annual Turkey Swap has begun. Come in & draw a hand turkey for our wall to earn yourself a free Turkey Cutout Cookie! We have the crayons and paper ready & waiting for your artistic fingers. Don’t be shy, remember: FREE COOKIE!


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