Did you notice...?
Subject: Did you notice...?
Send date: 2008-06-26 22:49:14
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Did you happen to notice....


Stahl's was mentioned twice in last week's Record-Courier?  And not in the Police Blotter, either! 

First, there was Matt Fredmonsky's article about the prevalance of 'squirrelness' in Kent (we're mentioned toward the end)


Can't wait to see the squirrel signal in action!  And yes, we will bring black squirrel cookies to the Farmers' Market Saturday.


Then, Ann Kardos, the new "Around Kent" columnist gave the Haymaker Farmers' Market (and Stahl's in particular) a very nice mention


What she didn't say, though, is that for the last couple of weeks, she and her (squirt)gun-toting children have also had a booth at the market selling strawberries they've picked.  Capitalism at its best; the profits are going towards boy scout camp.  What a great way to teach kids about reaching a goal through hard work - and community involvement by coming to the market! 


Market Update:

Did you come to the Haymaker Farmers' Market last Saturday?  If so, you no doubt enjoyed the music performed by the River Bottom Bushwackers.  Since the Stahl's booth was right next to the perfomance, many people asked us if they'd be coming every week.  The answer is "no," but don't worry, we will be having music throughout the summer.  Next performance will be accoustic guitar on July 5.  More info later.


As for our next performance Saturday, featured breads will be:  Cheddar-Onion, Italian, and Tomato-Basil. Thanks to a volunteering friend, we will absolutely be there at opening!  (Although a few items may wend their way over later)  Last week's popularity of cream-cheese bear claws, blueberry-cheese rolls, and cherry-cheese tea rings has assured their return this week.  Since the temperature's predicted to be under 80 in the morning, look for the rare appearance of Raspberry Truffles.  And if you crave non-sweets, save breakfast for egg pockets, a delicious concoction of scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheese baked right into a handy triangle of bread.  Grab some coffee, and you're good-to-go....shopping!


Since you're going to get some delicious fresh food at the market, consider cleaning out your pantry & doing something great for the less fortunate at the same time.  This Saturday, June 28, Change Hunger of Portage County, Family and Community Services, and PARTA are sponsoring "Fill the Bus."   Your donations will be gathered at local grocery stores and distributed between food pantrys, shelters, and hot meal programs in Portage County.  We're used to seeing canned food drives during Thanksgiving & Christmas, but the need doesn't end with winter; people are hungry all year 'round.  And just think how convenient this will be...the collection bus is right at the grocery store, waiting for you!


See you Saturday!


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