It Ain't the Heat...
Subject: It Ain't the Heat...
Send date: 2011-07-29 09:44:29
Issue #: 98


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…it’s the humidity!”

This old saw has never seemed more true than this week. In fact, if you’ve been in our storefront, you might know that we’ve been keeping some of our cookie stock in the back, wrapped against the moisture. Soft cookies can be delicious, but limp cookies? Meh. So for tomorrow’s Haymaker Farmers’ Market, we’ll bake our delicious Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal~Raisin, Sugar~Nutmeg, Gingersnap (which are already soft), and Peanut Butter Cookies, then bag them as quickly as they’re cool. If you want to make them soggy after you get them…say by dunking them in milk…that’s up to you. If you can’t wait until you get home, stop by Ornery Goat Dairy’s booth toward the south of the market – they’ve got delicious goat’s milk by the quart. And if milk isn’t you’re thing, Gingersnaps are especially good dunked in coffee!

Speaking of coffee, we’ll be bringing Iced Coffee for your dunking & drinking pleasure. Also for your drinking (but probably not dunking) pleasure, Raspberry Iced Tea.

Need something more substantial to get through the week? No problem – we’ll also be making Carrot-Herb Boules. This isn’t a sweet bread, but a savory loaf that incorporates ground carrots, olive oil, and smaller amounts of parsley, chives and marjoram. In breadspeak, “boule” just means a round loaf – ain’t we fancy, sneaking in the French that way?

Fancy or not, we won’t forget the Frosted Cookies, Herbed Focaccia, or Blueberry & Raspberry Muffins – take ‘em home, or munch while you listen to this week’s musical guest.

Here’s a pre-market entertainment tip – tonight is D.I.C.E.’s July Sidewalk Cinema featuring The Beatles’ “Hard Day’s Night.” It’s at Home Savings Plaza, Admission is free, and your seat is as comfortable as you want to bring!

See you Saturday!


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